Sunday, January 16, 2011


Electric bilge pump discharge & stbd cockpit drain
With most of the ripout done, I have to establish priorities for Talofa Lee's restoration work.  I've been thinking about priorities a lot and have made a few lists and sequenced the work on those lists. Never having done this before, I'm sure I'll make some mistakes in sequencing.

I also have to prioritize the work by vitality. I can't shortchange any system that contributes to seaworthiness or safety. The rig and rigging have to be to scantlings.  The hull and deck have to be full strength and as leak free as practicable in heavy weather at sea.

Another way of thinking about and prioritizing what I have to get done is systematically...that is, prioritize by what needs to be done on the electrical system, on the plumbing system, on the potable water system, on the navigation system, and so on.  I have to develop those lists.

One of the keys to prioritizing is to decide on the boat's end state.  I haven't done that yet in several areas...auxiliary propulsion, the electrical system, galley systems including refrigeration, and plumbing.  I like the idea of electric propulsion, but I can't get past the need to house four 150 or so pound batteries to have enough readily available stored energy, and the necessity to carry a generator to recharge them (regenerative charging isn't enough charging capacity).

Also, I have to decide how many projects I can have going on in parallel.  Most of the individual work items will have several linear steps, and drying times, curing times, delays in shipping of components and other factors will interrupt their timelines.  With only me to do the work, and my limited brainpower, hands, and time, I'm going to have to be careful not to start too many things at once.

Two high priority items that have to be done very early because they limit other work so greatly are re-installing the chainplates and replacing the fuel tank.  The fuel tank is on order, and due to be shipped from Norsea on 26 January.  It will take me at least until then to get the old one out and the in-keel hole prepped for loading the new one.  Two side stay chain plates also have to be replaced because of cracks.  I am waiting for word from Norsea on a schedule for delivery of them.

So...the primary things on my work list for this week will be pulling the old fuel tank, and re-installing the chainplates that are in good shape.  I'll put the other chainplates in place as soon as I can get them from Norsea (or a local fabricator if Norsea can't supply them).

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